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Before Ordering

Need to Knows before Ordering:

We have a minimum order of $35. Thank you for your understanding.

What is a board foot?
Multiply thickness x width x length and divide by 144 (the magic #). For example, both a 1" x 6" x 24" and a 4" x 6" x 6" are 1 board foot.

Locate the wood you are looking for using three ways:
1) Wood by Specie (drop down box at upper left): lists wood alphabetically by specie.

2) Wood by Category (at left): lists woods by categories such as lumber, blocks, squares, etc.
3) Search (located at left): type in a particular wood specie.

Once you locate the wood
Click on Buy Now button, which places the wood in your shopping cart, or
2) Double click on the wood to find out more about it (ie where it grows as well as its scientific name), specify quantity, and click on Add Now button.
3) Specify the quantity (Qty) in the shopping cart. In most cases it will be the number of board feet, unless otherwise specified as number of pounds or number of pieces. Depending on how many board feet you order, we may end up sending more than one piece.
4) For all of those woods that you are buying by the board foot, let us know what your minimum required dimensions are. If it helps, just copy and paste the "send boards" below into the space for notes when you are checking out.

Send boards that are at least this many inches wide:___
Send boards that are at least this many inches long:___

Note: If you don't specify, we will send random width and random length boards.

When you are all done shopping
1) Click on check out to review your order.
2) Click on finalize and fill out your mailing and payment information.
3) Minimum order is $35.

How close will we come to your "minimum" dimensions? We try to come within 12 inches of your specified length, & within a couple of inches of your specified width. We may do better but don't hold us to it! Figure on boards being bigger than what you ask for!

Note on Extra-Wides:
We may increase by 15% the price of any board that we consider to be "extra-wide" (average 6"+). If you don't specify a minimum width, you won't be surcharged. We won't surcharge a board without attempting to contact you about it before we ship.

Note on Thickness:
Boards are measured "in the rough" before planning. Since most boards are planed, actual thickness ends up being somewhat less than a full 1 or 2 inches. Even so, board won't fall below .75" and 1.75" respectively. This applies to squares and samples as well.