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Specific Woods

Afzelia Burl and Amboyna Burl are the two nicest burls we have ever seen. Both are hard and tight grained with lots of swirls and eyes. Finish like marble. Afzelia is peach colored while Amboyna has more red. Primo.

Black Palm(Astrocarynum spp): has a highly unusual pin-dot figure. Boards are 1.5" x 3" x 40" and cost $35.

Brazilian Rosewood boards are one face clear, though we have two-face clear available for $59.00 per board foot. We have some 8" wide stock that some folks use as guitar backs for $100 per board foot. Nice brick red color.

Camphor boards are wide and aromatic. Cream color.

Curunai-new in stock is peach colored and tight grained with intermittent cluster burls. Great stuff!

Gabon Ebony is the black Ebony from Africa. Most all Gabon has some subtle white streaking in it, and some can have as much contrast as its sister wood, Macassar Ebony.

Macassar Ebony is from SE Asia, and is very colorful with contrasting browns and blacks. Some of the Macassar can be as dark (or darker) than the Gabon. One board can vary quite a bit from another. Finishes well.

Note on Ebony: We have included a sample of the lighter Gabon and a sample of the darker Macassar in the #3 Assorted sample set.

Madagascar Rosewood just arrived in 1" boards. Has rich ox-blood color when freshly cut with black streaks. Wood alcohol will keep it from darkening up.

Leopardwood has the unique "lace-like" figure of Lacewood but is harder and darker brown in color.

Lignum Vitae is green, heavy & oily. Sinks in water.

Curly Maple & Quilted Maple: We've received some new quality shipments on both of these.

Pink Ivory has a beautiful deep pink color and is hard. We may have the only certifiably legal Pink Ivory.

Redwood Burl: new shipment with nice birdseye.

Rhengas: New in stock. Soft red with yellow hue subtle red streaking. Hard. Good cabinet wood.

Snakewood is as figured as wood gets - looks like Snakeskin. As with all of the woods we ship, the pieces will be clean and free of checks. Figure is normally more prominent on one face than it is on the other. Brittle.

Snakewood, stripeycomes from the same logs as Snakewood, only it is more striped and linear than the "Classic" Snakewood. It is as pretty - just different. The price is marked down only because it is not as well known. Stripey Snakewood is a sleeper!

Spanish Cedar: 1/4" stock is great for humidors.

Verawood is as green and dense as Lignum, but without the alternating hard and soft layers that Lignum has. It isn't as oily either. Color deepens with time.

Woods whose colors deepen (improve) with age are Purpleheart, Lignum Vitae (green), and Verawood (green). Bloodwood (red) and Brazilian Satinwood (yellow) are excellent at maintaining their color.