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Frequently Asked Questions

Specific Woods

Afzelia Burl and Amboyna Burl are the two nicest burls we have ever seen. Both are hard and tight grained with lots of swirls and eyes. Finish like marble. Afzelia is peach colored while Amboyna has more red. Primo.

Black Palm(Astrocarynum spp): has a highly unusual pin-dot figure. Boards are 1.5" x 3" x 40" and cost $35.

Brazilian Rosewood boards are one face clear, though we have two-face clear available for $59.00 per board foot. We have some 8" wide stock that some folks use as guitar backs for $100 per board foot. Nice brick red color.

Camphor boards are wide and aromatic. Cream color.

Curunai-new in stock is peach colored and tight grained with intermittent cluster burls. Great stuff!

Gabon Ebony is the black Ebony from Africa. Most all Gabon has some subtle white streaking in it, and some can have as much contrast as its sister wood, Macassar Ebony.

Macassar Ebony is from SE Asia, and is very colorful with contrasting browns and blacks. Some of the Macassar can be as dark (or darker) than the Gabon. One board can vary quite a bit from another. Finishes well.

Note on Ebony: We have included a sample of the lighter Gabon and a sample of the darker Macassar in the #3 Assorted sample set.

Madagascar Rosewood just arrived in 1" boards. Has rich ox-blood color when freshly cut with black streaks. Wood alcohol will keep it from darkening up.

Leopardwood has the unique "lace-like" figure of Lacewood but is harder and darker brown in color.

Lignum Vitae is green, heavy & oily. Sinks in water.

Curly Maple & Quilted Maple: We've received some new quality shipments on both of these.

Pink Ivory has a beautiful deep pink color and is hard. We may have the only certifiably legal Pink Ivory.

Redwood Burl: new shipment with nice birdseye.

Rhengas: New in stock. Soft red with yellow hue subtle red streaking. Hard. Good cabinet wood.

Snakewood is as figured as wood gets - looks like Snakeskin. As with all of the woods we ship, the pieces will be clean and free of checks. Figure is normally more prominent on one face than it is on the other. Brittle.

Snakewood, stripeycomes from the same logs as Snakewood, only it is more striped and linear than the "Classic" Snakewood. It is as pretty - just different. The price is marked down only because it is not as well known. Stripey Snakewood is a sleeper!

Spanish Cedar: 1/4" stock is great for humidors.

Verawood is as green and dense as Lignum, but without the alternating hard and soft layers that Lignum has. It isn't as oily either. Color deepens with time.

Woods whose colors deepen (improve) with age are Purpleheart, Lignum Vitae (green), and Verawood (green). Bloodwood (red) and Brazilian Satinwood (yellow) are excellent at maintaining their color.

Wood Care

We recommend kiln-dried (kd) woods in the manufacture of fine furniture or cabinets. KD woods have a lower moisture content than air-dried wood, so they are more stable, and won't be as prone to surface checking and end checking.

The process of bringing the moisture content down in air-dried woods can be a challenge. The goal of course is to dry the wood without drying it so quickly that it cracks or "checks". One way to go about it is to dry wood in stages. That is, instead of working from beginning to end in one session, break up the process. For example, to turn pens from a thicker board, split the board down into two thinner boards. In a few days cut blanks. A few days later rough the blanks out a bit. Then finally turn it down to a finished dimension. Make a few days or week or even month process out of it.

In the process remember to seal freshly exposed surfaces (especially the ends), even if you are only walking away from your project for an hour or two. We recommend "Anchorseal", especially if you are in a mountain or desert area, where humidity is low. Another trick is to store the wood in a plastic bag during the drying process. Throw some shavings or sawdust in the bag along with the wood, and the drying will be even more controlled. The idea is to slow down the evaporation.

Store wood in a cool area. Avoid direct sunlight. Use new sandpaper and low machine speeds to help reduce surface friction and heat which causes surface cracks. Use successively finer grades of paper. If surface cracks should develop, repair them with "Hot Stuff" available in any specialty wood or model store.

"Babysitting" some of your more problematic air-dried woods can raise the yield to 85%-100%. If you're working with Snakewood, expect about a 50% yield, even if you do everything perfectly. Ending up with a perfect piece of Snakewood without cracks requires a little luck. Even so, if you're willing to be patient and to make a process of it, you will end up with works of art that will last a lifetime and longer.

One a more official note, wood returns must be postmarked within 7 days of receipt and before any cutting has been done. Practice safe woodworking habits using dust makes, eye protection, and gloves to avoid injury. We accept no liability for use of our woods.


Our Location

Directions to Our Warehouse

We are in Torrance, on 4100 Spencer, one block west of Hawthorne and
two blocks north of Torrance Blvd. Take Hawthorne south off of the
405 Freeway for 2.8 miles then take a right heading west on Spencer.
We're on the first block on the left towards the end of the block.

Click here to find us on Map Quest.


Map to our Warehouse


Note: It's best to call before you come
to make sure we're here and not out for a bite to eat.

Heading South on the 405?
Exit Hawthorne, drive south 2.8 miles to Spencer, turn right.

Heading South on the 110?
Exit 190th, drive west 4 miles to Hawthorne, south to Spencer.

Heading North on the 405?
Exit Western, south to the 190th, west to Hawthorne.



We look forward to seeing you!

Hardwood Gallery

Please keep in mind when viewing these woods that these are representations of each wood.
The wood you order will not look exactly like what you see featured here.

Black Limba Bocote Lacewood Lignum Vitae
Black Limba - Africa
(Terminalia spp.)
Bocote - Central America
(Cordia spp.)
Lacewood - Australia
(Cardwellia sublimis)
Lignum Vitae - Latin America
(Guaicum officinale)
Black Palm Black Palm Narra Madagascar Rosewood
Black Palm - Malaysia
(Astrocarynum spp.)
Black Palm - Malaysia
(Astrocarynum spp.)
Narra - Philippines
(Pterocarpus indicus)
Madagascar Rosewood
Madagascar (Dalbergia spp.)
Brazilian Ebony Brazilian  Rosewood Macassar Ebony Pear
Brazilian Ebony - Latin America
(Sartzia tomentosa)
Brazilian Rosewood - Brazil
(Dalbergia nigra)
Macassar Ebony - South East Asia
(Diospyros celebica)
Pear (Steamed) - Europe
(Pyrus communis)
Bubinga Chakte Cok Pernambuco Primavera
Bubinga - Africa
(Guibourtia demueusei)
Chakte Cok - Yucatan/Mexico
(Sickingia salvadorensis)
Pernambuco - Brazil
(Guilandina enchinata)
Primavera - Central America
(Tabebuia donnell - smithii)
Canary Wood Curly Koa Shedua Pau Ferro
Canary Wood - Brazil
(Centrolobium paraense)
Curly Koa - Hawaii
(Acacia koa)
Shedua - African
(Guibourtia spp.)
Pao Ferro - Bolivia
(Swartzia madagascariensis)
Cocobola Gabon Ebony Peroba Rosa Pink Ivory
Cocobolo - Central America
Ebony, Gabon - Africa
(Diospyros spp.)
Peroba Rosa - Brazil
(Aspidosperma spp.)
Pink Ivory - East Africa
(Rhamnus zeyheri)
Flamewood Kingwood Satinwood Spalted Wood
Flamewood - Laos
(Dalbergia cochinensis)
Kingwood - Brazil
(Dalbergia cearensis)
Satinwood - Brazil
(Euxylophora paraensis)
Spalted Wood - USA

Honduran Rosewood Holly Tulipwood Verawood
Honduran Rosewood - Honduras
(Dalbergia stevensonii)
Holly - USA
(Ilex opaca)
Tulipwood - Brazil
(Dalbergia frutiescens)
Verawood - Venezuela
(Bulnesia arborea)
Goncalo Alves Indonesian Rosewood Zircote Zebrawood
Goncalo Alves Figured - Brazil
(Astronium graveolens)
Indonesian Rosewood- Malaysia
(Dalbergia spp.)
Zircote - Latin America
(Cordia dodecandra)
Zebrawood - African
(Microberlinia brazzavilensis)

Before Ordering

Need to Knows before Ordering:

We have a minimum order of $35. Thank you for your understanding.

What is a board foot?
Multiply thickness x width x length and divide by 144 (the magic #). For example, both a 1" x 6" x 24" and a 4" x 6" x 6" are 1 board foot.

Locate the wood you are looking for using three ways:
1) Wood by Specie (drop down box at upper left): lists wood alphabetically by specie.

2) Wood by Category (at left): lists woods by categories such as lumber, blocks, squares, etc.
3) Search (located at left): type in a particular wood specie.

Once you locate the wood
Click on Buy Now button, which places the wood in your shopping cart, or
2) Double click on the wood to find out more about it (ie where it grows as well as its scientific name), specify quantity, and click on Add Now button.
3) Specify the quantity (Qty) in the shopping cart. In most cases it will be the number of board feet, unless otherwise specified as number of pounds or number of pieces. Depending on how many board feet you order, we may end up sending more than one piece.
4) For all of those woods that you are buying by the board foot, let us know what your minimum required dimensions are. If it helps, just copy and paste the "send boards" below into the space for notes when you are checking out.

Send boards that are at least this many inches wide:___
Send boards that are at least this many inches long:___

Note: If you don't specify, we will send random width and random length boards.

When you are all done shopping
1) Click on check out to review your order.
2) Click on finalize and fill out your mailing and payment information.
3) Minimum order is $35.

How close will we come to your "minimum" dimensions? We try to come within 12 inches of your specified length, & within a couple of inches of your specified width. We may do better but don't hold us to it! Figure on boards being bigger than what you ask for!

Note on Extra-Wides:
We may increase by 15% the price of any board that we consider to be "extra-wide" (average 6"+). If you don't specify a minimum width, you won't be surcharged. We won't surcharge a board without attempting to contact you about it before we ship.

Note on Thickness:
Boards are measured "in the rough" before planning. Since most boards are planed, actual thickness ends up being somewhat less than a full 1 or 2 inches. Even so, board won't fall below .75" and 1.75" respectively. This applies to squares and samples as well.


Our Guarantee: We offer exchanges, credits, and refunds on any wood that isn't satisfactory. Send it back with a note explaining what's wrong and what you'd like us to do. Don't send back wood which has been cut, sliced, or otherwise worked on.

Return shipping is at your expense. We'll pay for the shipping back to you if it's an exchange. Wood returns must be postmarked for return within 7 days of receipt, and properly packaged. Returned wood affects discounts. Samples are not returnable. Stop-in customers can receive credit or exchanges but not refunds.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover! When you place an order with us it is done through a secure server. This keeps your credit card information safe!

Your credit card is not run automatically at the time that you place the order. It is run manually once all the wood has been collected for the order. If you prefer, we also accept checks.

If you are having trouble with our online Order Form:
Please let us know so we can fix it! Please call us. We have an (800) number just for your convenience! (800) 258-2587

If you have questions on ordering wood:
Call us! (800) 258-2587 We are here to help you find exactly what you need!

1) Prices are subject to change without notice.
2) Shipping expense as listed is approximate only, and in most cases will be end up being close to 20% of the value of the shipment.